How to get to Shinshu University, Matsumoto Campus?

I suppose you are at JR Matsumoto station.
(The ways to get to the station and a campus map are available at the official site.
Faculty of Science, Building A is No.7.)

To get to the campus, the convenient way is to take a bus.
The bus terminal closest to JR Matsumoto station is located
next to `Espa department store', which is no.3 in the map.

At the bus terminal, take a bus:

These buses go around a circular line anticlockwisely and clockwisely, respectively.
By the former, you get to the campus faster (15 minutes or so).
It costs 200 JPY, and this is to be paid into a machine next to the driver when you get off.
The machine accepts only 10 yen coins, 50 yen coins, 100 yen coins and 500 yen coins.
On a bus, you can exchange 1000 yen bill or less, but not more than 1000 JPY.
If you have time, you can buy a ticket at the bus terminal (from a vending machine)
prior to getting on a bus, and `pay' the ticket instead of 200 JPY on the bus.

The bus stops you get off are:
at which many students will get off too.

Of course, you can instead take a taxi.
It will cost about 1000-1500 JPY.

It is also possible to come to the campus by walk,
but it will take 40 minutes or so from JR Matsumoto station.