Harmonic Analysis and its Applications
in Matsumoto 2016, summer

Date: August. 24(Wed.) - 28(Sun.), 2016
Place: Room No.1, Building A, Faculty of Science, Shinshu University [Access]

Lectures (three 1-hour lecture)

  • Xavier Tolsa (ICREA / Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain)
  • Title: The Riesz transform, rectifiabilty, and harmonic measure

  • Nguyen Cong Phuc (Louisiana State University, U.S.)
  • Title: Pointwise and weighted Calderón-Zygmund type estimates with applications to nonlinear PDEs


  • Árpád Bényi (Western Washington University, U.S.)
  • Title: Bilinear operators, commutators and smoothing


  • Keith Rogers (ICMAT-CSIC, Spain)
  • Title: Pointwise convergence to initial data


    Talks (1 hour)

  • Tomoya Kato (Nagoya University, Japan)
  • Title: Well-posedness for the generalized Zakharov-Kuznetsov equation on modulation spaces

  • Masaharu Kobayashi (Hokkaido University, Japan)
  • Title: Operating functions on modulation and Wiener amalgam spaces

  • Yoshihiro Sawano (Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan)
  • Title: Morrey spaces--Interpolations and weighted theory

  • Ryo Takada (Tohoku University, Japan)
  • Title: Dispersive estimates for the stably stratified Boussinesq equations

  • Hidemitsu Wadade (Kanazawa University, Japan)
  • Title: Remarks on the Hardy and Rellich type inequalities



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    This conference is supported by JSPS, through "Program to Disseminate Tenure Tracking System".