This page has information about the poster presentation No. 67 of FPSAC 2020 Online.

Poster presentation


Strict log-concavity of the Kirchhoff polynomial and its applications


Takahiro Nagaoka
Kyoto University, Japan

Akiko Yazawa (speaker)
Shinshu University, Japan

Date and Time

Way of presentation

Zoom URL: deleted
Meeting ID: deleted
Password: The same as FPSAC organizer announced

Whiteboard fox: https://r3.whiteboardfox.com/332741-1539-6523


The presentation consists of two sessions:
    Short presentation The outline will be explained in a few minutes.
    Interactive session You can freely ask more details or any questions.

Note: We use UTC time for Schedule.

Further information

The extended abstract of this poster was published in Volume 84B of Seminaire Lotharingien de Combinatoire (2020).

The full version of the extended abstract is arXiv:1904.01800.

The PDF file of slides in short presentaition is here.

The PDF file of the poster is here.

Contact yazawa[at]math.shinshu-u.ac.jp if you have inquiries about this page.