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About this center

Shinshu Mathematical Sciences Research Center is a virtual research center focusing on scientific activities on mathematical sciences taking place in the Shinshu area, including Shinshu University.

Aim and Activities
  • Promotion of interdisciplinary research activities
  • Establishment of a new research model in mathematical science
  • Improvement of the graduate program in the Department of Mathematical Sciences, Shinshu University
  • Organizing "Colloquium in Mathematical Sciences"
  • Publishing lecture notes and preprints


This virtual center consists of the following people:
Katsuhiko Kuribayashi (Department of Mathematics, Shinshu University)
Director + a couple of helpers
Those who utilize the center
  • Faculty members of the Department of Mathematical Sciences, Shinshu University
  • Faculty members of other departments of Shinshu University whose research interests include mathematical phenomena
  • Graduate students and research fellows
  • Visitors
Contact Information
  • Katsuhiko Kuribayashi (kuri+center@shi*shu-u.a*.jp)
  • Itaru Sasaki (isasaki+center@shi*shu-u.a*.jp)
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