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Various documents concerning the project and lecture notes of talks given here can be downloaded.
About this project
The videos of the symposium and colloquia held in 2013 are stored in DVD. The DVD discs are in the custody of the Math reference room(copy is not allowed).
[1] Mathematical Science Colloquium(2013.10.17): Lecture of Dr. Tetsuya Izu (Informatics)
[2] Mathematical Science Colloquium(2013.11.15): Lecture of Dr. Katsumi Togashi (Biology)
[3] Mathematical Science Colloquium(2013.12.17): Lecture of Satoshi Watamura (Physics)
[4] Mathematical Science Colloquium(2014.1.31): Lecture of Toshiyuki Kitazawa (Geology)
[5] Mathematical Science Colloquium(2014.4.14): Lecture of Hideki Tanaka (Chemistry)
[6] Workshop: Sage Days 53.5 (2013.10.5)
[7] Symposium: (Non)commutative algebra and topology (2014.2.19-2.21)
[8] 2nd Spring School on Algebraic Topology (2014.3.6-3.8)
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