Unpublished Notes, etc.

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  5. Representation Theory of Association Schemes (Lecture Note, 2004, in Japanese)
  6. Block Theory of Association Schemes (Workshop on Com2MaC Conference "Open Problems on Association Schemes", 2004 Busan)
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  8. Block Theory of Association Schemes (Proceeding, August 2004, in Japanese)
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  10. Association Schemes of Prime Order and Related Topics (St. Petersburg, July 2005)
  11. Frobenius-Schur Theorem for Association Schemes (St. Petersburg, July 2005)
  12. Representations of p'-valenced schemes (RIMS 2005 Oct.) [Proceeding, Presentation]
  13. Frobenius adjacency algebra of association schemes (April 2006)
  14. A remark on our paper ``Algebraic structure of association schemes of prime order'' (with K. Uno) 19 March, 2007.
  15. Representation Theory of Association Schemes (Lecture Note, 2007, in Japanese, updated 20 April)
  16. A note on complex matrix representations of association schemes (September 27, 2016, revised June 1, 2017)
  17. Intersection numbers of integral standard generalized table algebras with non-cyclotomic minimal splitting fields (November 27, 2016)